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Step 1. Lowered the window to the bottom.

1. Lowered the window downInstallation instructions

Step 2. A: From closing the rear mirror. B:put the deflector into the glass slot.<br>A:Inserted deflector B:Window slot

2. Put the deflector into the slot.Installation instructions

Step 3.  A: Holding left hand on deflector and insert window deflector gently.。B:Keeping from the B-pillar of about 10-15 cm

3. Install into B-pillarInstallation instructions

Step 4. A: Push window deflector up to top. B:DO NOT touch on plactic windowframe

4. Push deflector to top.Installation instructions

Step 5. A: Holding left hand with window deflector. B: Install window deflector from left hand side to right side gently.

5. Holding left hand with the deflector.Installation instructions

Step 6. Finish  the window deflector.

6. Finish the window deflector.Installation instructions


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